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piątek, 06 marzec 2015 08:49

Design your holiday and join Law School 2015 in Poznan! Wyróżniony

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„Your clothes determines how you see the world, especially today, when the contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language”. ELSA Poznan decided to speak this instant language and organize second edition of Law School under the banner of fashion law, business aspects, quality of lifestyle and creating the image. I dare to write that this summer Poznan becomes the capital of fashion world and source of amazing inspirations. Don’t hesitate for a long time, keep your powder dry and book your time from 2 to 9 August 2015.

About Project

The main aim of the Law School 2015 in Poznan is shaping the worldviews among young people open to international cooperation. Project is planned for one week – 5 days for substantive workshop focused on legal aspects and 2 days for social program with accompanying events. Topics are extensive enough to accommodate a lot of issues. Participants will listen to lectures every day on a specific topic, and then take part in workshops, panel discussions, training sessions that will allow to fully explore the issue. During this type of meetings, students from different countries will have the opportunity to meet not only their peers but also the culture of the country in which the project takes place. Academic staff of the Faculty of Law and Administration takes supervision and care of the merits of the project – it’s guaranteed reliability.


Fashion Law


The fashion law is a fast growing, also in Poland, legal specialization. It’s not a separate branch of law, but the effect of a combination of several branches in relation to the fashion, which consist of i.a.: industrial property law, copyright law, civil law, economic and financial law or labor law. Therefore, the aim of the Law School in Poznan will be bringing issues related to copyright, intellectual property, consumer law and business aspects of fashion law. We are going to cooperate with people who are really interested in fashion law and deal with it professionally, consequently every workshop will be source of important and practical information. Therefore, we encourage to participate in the Law School students fascinated by fashion law, who want to expand the horizons of knowledge and gain new skills.


Planned Program

The academic part of project is the most important and prestigious, but planned program is complemented by unforgettable personal experience, new friendships, cultural exchange and   a lot of ELSA Spirit. Initially we can inform that we are planning several events related to fashion. Participants can expect substantive and valuable lessons and many remarkable surprises.  One of the most interesting attraction we plan to organize will be opportunity to meet lawyers who conducted cases in front of Court of Justice of the European Union. Coordinators of the Law School 2015 in Poznan going to work hard to create the best Law School about fashion law and fulfil all of  participants expectation. If you are interested in the fashion law and want to experience the summer adventure of your life in Poznan – don’t waste any moment, book your time at the beginning of August 2015 and keep this date in mind. Remember – it’s gonna be the best time in your life!


More information about project: https://www.facebook.com/fashionandnewmedialaw

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